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What’s the Difference Between Home Remodeling & Renovation?

Many people use the words “renovation” and “remodeling” interchangeably when, in fact, they mean two entirely different things to a building contractor. A renovation project is usually not nearly as complex, time-consuming, or expensive as a remodel is. In the following sections, Jay Bilt Construction, the most trusted and experienced construction company in Livonia, MI, explains the difference between home remodeling and home renovation.

What Is Renovation?

The word “renovate” means, “to make new again.” Thus, a renovation project involves repairing a house and bringing it back to like-new condition. Tasks include repainting, refinishing floors, and installing new fixtures, wiring, and mechanicals. A renovation project does not change the original layout of the house, but rather, brings appliances up-to-date and makes the home more attractive, fashionable, and livable. A renovation project may involve an interior designer, but it rarely requires the services of an architect, design-build contractor, or construction company.

What Is Remodeling?

The primary difference between a renovation project and a home remodeling project is that remodeling usually involves construction. For instance, if you’re changing the floor plan, tearing down walls, adding a bathroom, or otherwise altering the structure of your home, it’s considered a remodel. Therefore, a remodel is typically more expensive than a renovation project. In addition to paint, carpet, fixtures, wiring, and appliance costs, it often includes complex design requirements and construction costs. It is therefore imperative that you hire a skilled, experienced home remodeling company to perform the work. The services of an architecture firm may be helpful, as well.

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