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Choosing Between Attached & Detached Custom Garages

Custom garages are an ideal addition to any home, creating a covered place to park, additional storage space, and room to conquer your most time-consuming projects. For many homeowners, however, it’s difficult to decide between attached and detached options. Like other home additions, both have their benefits and drawbacks, so it’s vital to find the solution that’s best for you.
Below is a helpful guide to properly weigh your options:

•Convenience: Convenience is the biggest advantage of attached options, as you can access belongings without leaving home. During Michigan’s cold winters, this is especially appealing. On the other hand, if you need to gather belongings in rain or snow, detached garages aren’t the most convenient.

•HVAC & Energy Savings: Since your construction company will utilize existing walls when building an attached garage, they’ll also use your home’s existing heating, cooling, ventilation, and electrical systems. With one single source powering both the home and garage, you’ll save a lot of money on monthly bills. Conversely, because a detached garage isn’t hooked up to your household wiring, expect higher heating, ventilation, and electricity bills. You’ll need a separate source for each, creating costlier monthly expenses.

•Space: Custom garages don’t all offer the same amount of space. For example, attached options are tough to squeeze in tight spaces and narrow lots. Conversely, detached garages are ideal for those living on smaller lots or in crowded, downtown areas, as they can easily be squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

•Security Concerns: If a break-in occurs through an attached garage, criminals will have access to the entire home. They’re just a door away from entry, so don’t forget to lock up at all times. On the other hand, if burglars break into a detached garage, they only have access to the belongings inside. Without direct access to the home, your family will be safely distanced from criminal activity.

Whether you choose an attached or detached option, custom garages will make a useful addition to your home. If you’re ready to start building, turn to us at Jay Bilt Construction in Livonia, MI. Our area’s go-to construction company helps residents achieve their dream homes, handling everything from kitchen remodeling to windows, siding, and room additions. No matter how big or small your project is, our experts will make it a reality. Call (866) 460-9700 to request a free estimate today.

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